Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreamer Grid-Wide HUNTs in

Here are your Dreamer grid-wide HUNT hints:


For a LIST of  Landmarks to each location in this hunt and vital information such as changes in the hunt, NEW landmarks, or hidden free gifts found within that location....
Goto HUNT Landmark #1 the Dreamer Oasis Club, click the HUNT BOARD displayed there and look for the HINT notecard included in it.

This board will always contain the MOST current information and Teleports. It is updated the most often and will include NEW landmarks, hints and tips.  It will NOT replace this hint BLOG for more detailed text based hints but will definately help you if you want to see HOW MANY locations are in the hunt, find SECRET  hidden items and give you direct teleports to them.

Be sure to choose the correct HUNT board.  There will be several displayed and each will have their own hint notecard. 

When you can't find a shop, location, landmark, or the hint you received from the previous HUNT prize box does not seem right....  Goto Dreamer Oasis club and check  the HINT card in the HUNT board.  Chances are the hunt took a turn as many shops move from grid to grid.  The information at Dreamers Oasis will always be the most current.

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  1. #1
    I've received questions asking where the HINT card is located. HINT cards are always updated and current and can be found by clicking on the HUNT Board located at Location #1 ONLY. If you still can not find a prize box or think the location is no longer valid contact Heather Aquila in world and she'll help figure out the problem.

    Pose stands are in every prize box in the 2010 hunts. They are not the prize. Feel free to delete them.

    If you have a shop, sim, locaiton, club, or whatever... and want to become part of a future Dreamer HUNT. Contact us and we'll tell you what you need to do.